SJDS Bookkeeping

SJDS Bookkeeping is a service designed to help expat owned businesses keep their finances organized and accurate. Operating a business can be challenging on a day to day basis and it is very easy to lose track of important things. Tina is here to help you keep track and keep organized.

Tina Forsdyke is an accountant trained in the UK and has been doing monthly income and expense reporting for a handful of expat businesses in San Juan since 2015. Tina will sit with you to review your business, your current reporting systems and help you streamline the information flow you turn over to your Nicaraguan accountant for official filing.

Tina will create personalized templates for your business giving you “numbers at a glance” so that you can quickly determine the profitability of your business on a monthly basis. If the time comes to sell your business these reports will prove invaluable to you and to your prospective buyer.

Organize your business life easily by contacting Tina at or   7593 7577 (m) for a free consultation.